Complex of the Thermal Pools GorącyPotok consists of outdoor pools filled with geothermal water in a temperature of 34 - 40°C.
We offer to our clients 21 pools, out of which 9 are located in outdoor swimming area:
Water in the basin pools is treated with UV lamps and other innovative methods, so that there is no need to add any other chemicals which can have negative impact on the bathing comfort. What is more, we conduct constant and systematic control over the water quality.


Termy Gorący Potok | Szaflary
Geothermal water has an extremely beneficial effect on the human?s body:
  • Eliminates skin diseases and hair loss (S)
  • Stimulates the body?s hormonal balance (Mn, Fe, Cr)
  • Helps to solve the overweight and obesity issues (Mn, Mg)
  • Stabilizes the heart rate, eliminates the heart and cardiovascular diseases (Na, K, Mg)
  • Has a beneficial effect on health recovery (Cr, S)
  • Releases stress, stabilizes nervous system, restores mental balance
  • Prevents from Parkinson and Alzheimer diseases (Mg, Mn, Na).


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