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Exhaustion, everyday stress, air, water and food pollution - all of those factors have significant impact on human health. Time spend in a dry sauna contributes to eliminate negative effects of fatigue and anxiety, removes toxins from the body, improves blood circulation and ensures relaxation. Sauna is a place that we share with other people staying on the same day in the same building, so clients should follow not only hygiene rules, but also good manners. Sauna culture consists of series of rituals and ceremonies.


Systematic use of a steam sauna treatments has a very beneficial effect on adaptation processes. The body is slowly adapting to high temperatures, and in consequence, tolerance to this treatment improves. Steam sauna baths are refreshing and has a beneficial effect on the whole body. Hot steam deeply penetrates the skin, thoroughly cleanse, moisturize and regenerate. Additionally, skin becomes smooth and firm. High humidity and moderate temperature reducesmuscle tension and makes easier to relax the mind. Hot steam relieves rheumatic and respiratory diseases especially well.


  • Sauna bathing should not last longer than 30-40 minutes in three 12-15-minute time slots with 6-12-minute breaks for a cold bath. You should stay in the sauna heating chamber until sweating occurs after 12-15 minutes
  • Bath in the sauna naked. Before entering the heating chamber, wash and wipe dry,
  • Use a towel or pareo when sitting on benches, while bathing in the sauna heating chamber
  • After sweating for the first time, take a cold shower or immerse yourself in the bathtub or outside pool. Before re-entering the heat chamber, wipe dry again,
  • After bathing, cool the body until stop sweating,
  • After bathing, rest for 10-20 minutes, drink moderate amounts of fruit drinks,
  • The time of sauna bathing should be increased gradually,
  • The sauna should be used once a week (exceptionally 2-3 times), constantly monitoring the state of health in a medical clinic,
  • Athletes should not use the sauna before a competition,
  • A measure of well-conducted sauna bathing is the well-being on the next day: you should feel fresh and ready to make big efforts,
  • Sauna should not be treated as a slimming treatment, because the weight loss is caused mainly by loss of water and salt, which should be supplemented after the bath,
  • One hour before and after the sauna bath, you should avoid over-drinking water,
  • Do not soap yourself, rub in ointments and bring glass objects in the sauna heating chamber.
  • After the last sauna bath, put on a bathrobe or wrap yourself in a towel, relax and cool your body, drink water or another drink and wait calmly while reading or engaging in conversation. Resting time should be at least twice as long as the break between successive sauna entries,
  • Once the body temperature cools down to normal, you can dress up. Please avoid putting clothes on too quickly, it may cause too much sweating. The human body gives away the heat accumulated in the sauna for a long period of time,
  • It is recommended to go to the sauna during the evening,
  • Do not enter the sauna neither hungry (you may pass out) nor with a full stomach. During digestion process the body is not prepared for the proper regulation of thermal processes, therefore the benefits of sauna can be safely achieved one hour after eating a meal. We also do not take saunas before and after physical exercise.

  • We go to the sauna rested, not in a hurry. Sauna baths after an excessive effort may be harmful for your health,
  • Do not enter the sauna after a large meal - it is recommended to wait aprox 60 minutes,
  • Before the sauna bath, wash the whole body carefully. It is important, because many people enter the sauna in a hurry, not paying attention to hygiene or living in the conviction that the morning shower is enough,
  • Before entering the sauna, leave your footwear outside,
  • Once inside, it is polite to say hello to the people sitting in the sauna
  • We enter the sauna naked, without a swim-suit or even a towel. The swim-suit will burn your skin, while the towel will soak with water and get heavy,
  • Before sitting on stones, wash the seat with water -you will wash away sweat of other people,
  • After the sauna bath, wash the place where you sat. It is a good habit at the sauna, which avoid unnecessary transfer of your sweat to others,
  • After leaving, rinse the body with lukewarm water, slowly cooling its temperature so that in at the end it is cold water,
  • Remember to cool the body starting from the legs and going up,
  • After the sauna bath, it is recommended to hydrate yourself and rest for 20-30 minutes.


As a relaxation between the sauna sessions we offer you a graduation tower located in the Wellness & SPA zone. The saline graduation tower is constructed from small branches and pump, which is distributing brine in a very special way. The brine distributed in such way creates an aerosol, which causes that the air is saturated with iodine and bromine, as well as a number of beneficial macroelements and microelements, such as magnesium, sodium and iron. Iodine and bromine, known for its healing properties, are used in the treatment of upper respiratory tract, sinusitis, emphysema, hypertension, neurosis, all alergies, as well as in the general exhaustion of the body.
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